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Local Search Marketing - Location, location, location!


Call us to help you crack the code for local search marketing. There may not be thousands looking for what you offer in your area, but if you’ve got a website you need to be up there in plain view! As a business owner do you want to spend time keeping up with Google’s antics or do you want to be found by the right clients and get on with what you do well?.

Content Marketing Services for UK SMEs


Do you need to be seen by the best possible prospects? Content marketing is an approach where you can develop the authority and usefulness of your website to the point where people are attracted in. If what they find on your website is useful, helpful or entertaining it is much more likely that they will choose you when they are ready to buy. Very few people will buy the first time they land on your website!

Social media marketing to real people without shortcuts


Social Media Marketing takes time and commitment! It’s not something you can really entrust the voice of your brand to the office junior on these platforms. Building an audience, engaging with followers and sharing useful content without over-promoting your sales message requires judgement. Our advice will help you decide whether training your in-house staff or outsourcing to us is your best use of time and money.

Responsive web design that works beautifully on any device or in any browser


A creative website design service is available through our partners. Your business need a website that looks good and draws visitor’s eyes towards what you want them to do – which is spend  money, call you to arrange to spend money or find you and knock on the door to spend money! Together we plan and then creatively build websites which are tuned in to your best customers, right from the start! With 12 years of web design experience at your disposal, it will attract customers better than ever!

Digital marketing audits at local, national and global scale


You’ve got the website, you’re active on Facebook and Twitter and you’ve written a few blog posts! But very few people are ringing or spending or walking through the door! It’s time to carry out an audit of your web presence. Whether you are a small local focus business or a national enterprise there is always something that can be improved in your digital marketing efforts. An audit of the most appropriate factors in your marketing will reveal where improvements can be made against your competition!

Online marketing training to put businesses on target for revenue growth


When you have the staff who are prepared to get their hands dirty or you are a small business owner who wants to manage your online marketing in-house but need some guidance on where to concentrate your efforts, we have a range of training programmes suitable for your needs. If you’ve got the commitment, we’ve got the tailored training you need. From keyword research to Content planning and social media community building our experience will help you win!

SEO Services

Visibility in search marketing isn’t a one off hit! Google changes it’s algorithm underwear daily: usually it’s just a different colour or pattern, but sometimes it’s a major change like Penguin – the equivalent of going from Grandad’s longjohns to Y-fronts! These are changes which can impact many thousands of businesses overnight. They are aimed at getting rid of poor quality results that people don’t find useful. Is your content up to scratch or is it pants? Are you providing value and informing potential buyers or service users of what they need to do next?

Our monthly retainer services build your presence for the long term, sustainably and professionally!

Digital Marketing Audits

Identify exactly how your digital marketing stacks up. Whether you are targeting a local, regional, national or global audience, we can identify exactly where your efforts are succeeding and most importantly, what you need to do to improve your success.

Content Audits

By its nature – business is competitive! Whether your business is trying to sell products or services, you almost always need to be seen online! If your website and social media content do not deliver value then sadly Google and Bing won’t deliver your brand to searchers who could bevcome your next best customer. Find out what you need to do to deliver that quality!

Local Digital Marketing

Do you need clients in Cumbria to find your business coaching offer? Is your restaurant in Grasmere not getting the phone calls you expected because you are out of visitors’ mind’s eye, just off the beaten tourist track? Just how do you make sure you show up in the right place so that Google Maps doesn’t plant your bed and breakfast on top of a church a mile away from where you are in Carlisle? We know how to cure these problems and build a stronger local brand! Call us!

Keyword Research

However much Google and Bing’s attempts to focus on a more holistic, artificial intelligence understanding of the meaning of the words on a webpage, your users are still typing or speaking their queries into the search engines when they need answers or solutions! Understanding your customers keywords remains crucial.

Technical SEO Health Check

To be seen online, search engine spiders have to be able to pick their way (crawl) through your website and follow its internal navigation and links to understand its usefulness, originality, structure  and context. A good 50% of websites have problems with content duplication (Report). Much of that is due to poor archtitecture and a lack of planning. How does your Onsite SEO stack up? Ask us to find out!

Link Generation & Attraction

You have invested thousands – maybe millions – of pounds into creating a vibrant, profitable, sustainable business that actually benefits the wider community around you. That doesn’t count the thousands of hours you’ve poured into it! Once upon a time it was good enough to simply build links on all sorts of random websites but now that’s simply not good enough! How will you go about the outreach and negotiation needed to bring links to your website from high value websites relevant to your business? We know how – and we’ve got the contacts!