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Online Marketing Audit For Local Business Owners

What’s Your Local Digital Marketing Score?

Type in your business name and postcode to see how well optimised your brand is for local search. A free service to help you understand how to climb high online.

Click the image to see what the current look of the results for this search has changed to.

Why An Online Marketing Audit Is Important to Your Business!


  • A very basic online marketing audit like this one will give you an understanding of how visible you are to new customers that may not know anything about you yet!
  • Audits identify 2 very important aspects of your online visibility: organic visibility and reputation, as well as an overall grade.
  • Organic visibility has to be worked for now as Google continues to bias its results towards mobile friendly sites and pushes its local pack results for mobile devices.
  • Organic and local pack results are increasing importance as Google and Bing make it easier for paid advertisers too be seen in local results.
  • At the end of the day you want YOUR brand to have the best chance of being seen by prospective new customers and clients – they are the lifeblood of any expanding business.
  • The service is free – so what have you got to lose?

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