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What is it that makes 1 website stand out from the crowd; generating leads and paying customers, while another competing company’s website design, simply leaves it mouldering in the doldrums – out of sight and out of mind for the target audience? Is it a budget of thousands or is there a web design formula that successful websites have stumbled on, which others can learn from. The short answer to that fundamental question of web marketing is Yes- ish! 🙂

There’s never going to be a one size fits all affordable website promotion and design formula that will suit every customer or potential lead that’s out in the ether looking for what you do: but there are certain things that searchers who land on your website respond to. With Google’s analytical software lurking on almost every website out there, the Big G is beginning to watch user experience very carefully to see what the punter who lands on your page actually does.

Do they Bounce? Do they click and move through following the Call to Action (CTA)? Does a visitor dwell for a significant period of time on the page. Web design and seo have to be considered very much in tandem; as Google continues to improve its ability to understand how people interact with different websites’ content and layout. That can be a potential minefield! But. “…never fear – Smith is here!” to completely misquote a science fiction character of my childhood! There are clues to help you achieve success!

The infographic below, was produced by a company called AddPeople, who seem to have a very good grasp of the whole digital marketing ecosystem. It highlights a “Top 10” of the features that most often show up on websites that are successful. It dips into the whole cornucopia of aesthetics, UX, optimisation, CTA and branding that seem to feed into successful engaging websites. After all if the site doesn’t engage the user then the competition’s probably will! I have to give a shout out to Red Website Design whose Twitter post about this infographic caught my eye initially.

Infographic illustrating 10 Web Design Features of Successful Business Websites