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Poetry and digital marketing don’t often seem to be natural bedfellows. However at a recent coaching session with my business coach Ben Hickman of Adnovar. We were discussing imposter syndrome.

All my life I have felt like an imposter – no matter how much blood sweat and tears I throw at life’s challenges. At times it has been crippling and I have lost lots of potential business through fear of raising my head above the parapet. At the end of a fruitful session where I think I may finally have laid the ghost of the imposter to rest, Ben challenged me to write a poem in the final few minutes of the session. 

Digital Marketing an Irreverent Insight!

The imposter can do one.
I’m alright as I am Jack.
This marketing medley is damn good fun.
No black hats here or shady hacks.

Are you Penrith’s most obscure accountant,
Or the brilliant but unseen executive coach?
Come out of the shadows and show your true worth,
There’s a simple solution to your customer dearth!

Let’s put some buzz in those lacklustre pages
We’ll get you seen in some high falutin’ places.
Don’t know your keywords from your U S P?
No problem there, we’ll soon find them for you.

Let’s tune in your content so it sings to your clients,
With words that hook them and chime with their dreams.

Hang out your banner on list sites and socials,
Build your kudos with backlinks and mentions.
Remember the engines love brand names and news bites,
Let’s get you plastered over newswire and podcast.
Don’t be the imposter or page 5 lurker,

Build out your brand and go so much further.
Become the local hero who took on the world,
Because ClimbHigh showed you…
It’s great to be on top of searches and summits.

Ray Cassidy

Carlisle’s Creative Hub at the Source Cafe: Speakeasy

Ben had latched on to the fact that I now attend Carlisle’s very own Speakeasy group regularly. This is a long running poetry and creativity group run by Phil Hewitson of Caldew Press.

It’s a fantastic group of people which highlights the deep well of creativity that there is in this little city. Phil brings the Source to life with his own wordcraft ranging from the serious to the absolutely insane poems, and episodic tales of a Kung Fu Penguin: investigator cum detective. 

For 6 years I went along, unwillingly at first,without contributing anything at all apart from ears and beer money! That all changed when a chance conversation with Poppy, one of the girls behind the bar at the Source, turned into a ball of confusion. Somewhere in between a lovely Northern Ireland accent and my clearly unintelligible Essex-Irish accent 😉 my name was somehow lost in translation.

Once I had convinced Poppy that my name actually was Ray – not Ri or Roy or any one of a dozen other variants that she thought I had said, my amusement turned to inspiration. I picked up my phone and during the half time break, I came up with some words that became “Accent Anxiety”. Five minutes after that I stood up in front of the crowd and spoke those words out loud. My first performance poem.

The Source Cafe in Carlisle where I first performed my digital marketing poem.

Accent Anxiety

I talked to Poppy just now…
With her beautiful Irish lilt

When she told me her name, Poppy
Manners compelled me to tell her mine

Ray says I…

A look of uncertainty…


I stop the torment – “No… Ray!”
Embarrassment creeps across Poppy’s brow
I try to elocute

With clumsy teeth and tongue

As Will chips in

With helpful confusiations.

Finally laughter breaks out

Between us both
and I explain the nature of my speech impediment…
My Essex boy’s accent that still hangs on.

Now translate that,

To intimate chats
With my rebel granny lover
Who speaks to my dying ears
In the musical tongue of… Port Glasgow

Ray Cassidy

So there’s no SEO insight to be gained from this month’s tale. Just an amusing aside in the marketer’s other life beyond the digital domain. If anyone ever reads this I hope you enjoy..