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One of those little Americanisms that I couldn’t really distinguish from a backlink at first was this little Google favourite of Citations.   Matthew Hunt of Small biz Online Coaching gives a very fluent rundown on how the presence or absence of citations affects your rankings in Google local search results.  In other words, they directly affect whether you show up in front of people searching for your services locally on the Internet.


– references to your business Name, business Address and business Phone Number are the 3 parts of the NAP listing which Google in particular uses to check the authenticity of a business listing.  The more citations your business name displays around the web, especially in authority directories and review sites, the more likely it becomes that Google will trust your information and rank you at the top of the pile!


Reviews by customers are even more powerful when allied to lots of citations.  Strangely, in Google’s eyes, even a negative review counts as a powerful signal to the search engine’s of the “reality” and trustworthiness of a business entity.


If you can get friends colleagues, collaborators and customers to pin your business to their MyMaps account, you have another powerful boost to getting your Places listing and your website pages to dominate the local listings.