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Consulting Cumbria Ltd Old Branding

Consulting Cumbria Ltd

Though Consulting Cumbria Ltd has started trading under the brand name ClimbHigh SEO, the company still exists quietly in the background as the parent company, to handle the admin of our work: much as we have done in the past.

Just over three years ago we started collaborating on digital marketing projects with a web designer called Chris Wilcox, who runs a company called Light Bulb Web Design in Carlisle, not a million miles from where our own founder, Ray Cassidy lives and works.

That collaboration proved fruitful to both enterprises and we decided to bite the bullet and create a joint venture known as Newton’s Cradle, to offer a full service digital marketing agency for slightly bigger companies than we were previously used to working with. Again, that has proved to be successful in its first year.

I had previously begun a rebrand of Consulting Cumbria some years ago, but for some reason lost the confidence to make the jump.

At that point the collaboration with Chris kicked off and I was distracted from sorting out my own services and fell behind on updating my website which became less and less an advert and possibly a bit of a millstone!

However as our working routines became better established it became obvious that now was the time to finally put those rebranding  ideas to work.

The Consulting Cumbria Website was shut down on its 9th birthday on February 11th 2020 and all of its assets moved, rewritten or reworked for the ClimbHigh website.

The landline number for ClimbHigh is 01228 318068 and the old 01228 907795 number for CC Ltd will soon be retired.

We look forward to meeting lots of new customers and putting them on the path to more visibility.

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