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Digital PR Services For Cumbria & The North

Position your brand as a leading light in your marketplace. 

Online PR in Digital Marketing

Having a good PR presence is invaluable to any business; new, old or expanding! At its heart digital PR is the art of getting your voice heard and your brand recognised online as well as offline.

Digital PR campaigns are usually a mix of articles and press releases distributed widely and taken up in many different channels. Opportunities are sourced through a range of online media domains to begin a process of making your brand omnipresent!  Being seen in high authority news channels, media feeds, podcasts and video streams ensures a steady increase in brand awareness.

This is done with an eye on building your backlink equity. Wherever a mention of your brand appears, we seek a backlink to your website – which is important for SEO and boosting your website’s search marketing capability.

We work with a range of journalists and associate PR specialists both here in Cumbria and further afield in the UK to create a variety of digital PR campaign styles that deliver results.

Where competition is fierce or you are literally creating a new market niche, the campaign may well involve creating an original researched piece that draws people to you to find out the full importance of the resource you have created.

This is the most powerful tool in our digital shed for getting your brand featured in places of authority across the web, getting influential websites and people digitally pointing you out to their audiences.

As with any investment in marketing, it is vital to have a clear set of objectives for the content to achieve. This could be a top of funnel objective such as positioning your brand as the leading solution to the customer’s “itch” in your niche. You may be targeting prospects further down your sales funnel at the point they are ready to act and the content needs to provide the final nudge that makes the buying decision go your way.

Digital Publicity That Boosts Online Authority