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Santa on a quad bike amongst the mountains.
Christmas is coming and this old goose is getting ready! Holiday times have a habit of sneaking up rapidly. A bit like like the rain pouring down outside, as I’m writing this.

Remember, holidays can surprise customers if they find out your business is closed unexpectedly. It’s important to let your customers know when you’re open, closed, and when you’ll be back in business. You don’t want them turning up for a big purchase… only to find you closed early that day, because you’ve got your own Christmas shopping to do!

Most people in business have got their holiday hours banners up on their websites, which is great. But, if people are thinking about coming to your shop or office, for the first time they will almost certainly need a little assurance that you’ll be open.

For new customers, it’s likely they are going to do a Google search for your business’ physical location. It’s very likely that they will need directions from Apple or Google Maps. They will probably find your Google Business Profile first. Your GBP has a handy little slot for updating your business hours for the holidays. For those unfamiliar with making changes to their GBPs, here’s what to do.

Editing Google Business profile Hours via Your Desktop Machine

  1. You need to be logged into the Google account that manages your Google Business Profile.
  2. Search for your business name in the search box. If you are in the right Google account, you will see a screen like this with all the profile management icons.Google Business Profile now edited from the SERP itself.
  3. Click the Edit profile icon.Click the Edit Profile icon.
  4. The Business Information panel opens up.Business information panel in the Google Business Profile.
  5. Scroll down, to find the special hours section, below your normal business hours. Click the pencil icon to edit.Opening hours section in your GBP.
  6. Edit the special hours section. The standard public holiday dates are usually prefilled. Review the dates such as Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and adjust the hours displayed to suit your own business. For other holidays that you might observe, or if you are away on holiday and the business operates differently when you aren’t there, pick the dates via the calendar icon.Edit the Special Hours section to suit your business' operation.
  7. Final Steps: Double-check the dates that you’ve set as closed or with different hours to your standard opening times. It’s always a good idea to ensure no “fumble-thumb” errors have crept in. Then Click Save at the bottom of the section.Save the special hours section
  8. Once saved, Google may take a little time to update your profile, most of which is done by AI these days.Edits pending message


Editing Google Business Profile Hours on Mobile.

Editing on your mobile is also straight forward and convenient.

  1. Open Google Search on your device and search for your business by name.
  2. Tap the Edit Profile icon.
  3. Swipe/scroll down to the Business Hours section and you’ll find the Special Hours section below it.
  4. Edit the details to suit your business.
  5. If this is the first time you have worked with the Google Business Profile on your phone, then you will be offered the option of creating a bookmark icon for your home screen for even quicker access.

A Final Word

Updating special hours for public and other holiday times is a simple way to keep your customers informed. Spread a bit of Christmas cheer, and enjoy a bit of a chill time whichever holiday is coming up. Have a great Christmas 2023 and all the very best for the New Year of 2024!