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Google Analytics 4 Migration Service

Upgrade to GA4 seamlessly without data loss

The Google Analytics 4 migration service is available from ClimbHigh SEO. Google has announced that it will force users to move to their new analytics platform: GA4. This is a potentially daunting process for businesses with years of data and conversion tracking configurations. The valuable data in your old Universal Analytics property cannot be simply imported into the new platform. The new version of Google Analytics measures visitor interactions and data collection in a completely different way.

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Analytics is Changing

Google Analytics user experience is changing

Universal Analytics is Closing Down

Universal analytics is closing down

Google Analytics 4 is the New Reporting Standard

Google Analytics 4 is the New Reporting Standard

Why It’s Important to Beat The GA4 Migration Deadline

Migrate early and you will have longer to ensure that your data is being collected correctly. ClimbHigh SEO offers you a seamless migration process for GA4 setup. Ensuring data parity is crucial and we do recommend making the move before 1st July 2023. This is the day when the the old analytics is switched off for most users.
This latest version of Google’s popular analytics platform is focussed on user engagement metrics. It offers cross-platform tracking, enhanced predictive analytics, and improved user privacy. An orderly migration to GA4 is important. This allows your business to recreate conversion metrics that are in sync with your old familiar measuring standard.

What Does The GA4 Migration Service Consist Of?

Google Analytics data is important, have you prepared for the changeover?

ClimbHigh SEO can help you migrate to GA4 quickly and easily, without loss of data. We start by getting to know your current measurement strategy. Then we explore further,  to understand your specific needs and to create a migration plan that is tailored to your business.

 We will set up your new GA4 property and to configure your tracking code. We will then migrate your settings to GA4. Once we have added the settings we will check to ensure that data is being collected correctly and is comparable with your old analytics data.

For those who want more granular data, we will implement your GA4 set up through Google Tag Manager. This allows greater efficiency in tracking visitor behaviour on your website, helps to give faster page loads and will also make running tests easier.

Benefits Of GA4:



There are many benefits of Google Analytics 4 including:

  • GA4 uses a new event-based tracking model that provides more accurate and granular data about the customer journey.
  • GA4 is designed to protect user privacy, in line with the latest data privacy regulations.
  • GA4 integrates seamlessly with other Google tools: Google Ads, Google Marketing Platform and BigQuery.
  • GA4 offers a number of new and enhanced reporting features, including predictive metrics, custom dimensions and metrics.
  • Makes combining data from website and mobile app users much simpler.

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Features of Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is a significant upgrade from Universal Analytics (UA). GA4 is designed to be more flexible and scalable than UA. Here is Google’s own description:

  • Track users across multiple devices the website, mobile app, and even offline interactions.
  • GA4 uses its own AI to give predictive analytics.
  • GA4 can help your clients to better understand their users and to target their marketing campaigns more effectively by device or platform.
  • Finally, GA4 offers better user privacy. It collects less personally identifiable data about users.

Make Use of the Google Analytics 4 Service From ClimbHigh SEO

If you are unsure of properties, views, data streams and what GA4 benefits mean for your business… call ClimbHigh SEO today. Our Google Analytics 4 consulting service will let you concentrate on running your business and having good metrics for decision making.