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New York or Carlisle – Makes no Odds

Every now and then Uncle G lets a few subtle(??!) hints out of the bag about how it sees the world.  At the moment, Local Search is enormously important in powering up local businesses that are forward looking enough to see the writing on the wall for traditional directories.  So… Jeremy Sussman , one of Google’s product managers tells us how he sees it.

For the uninitiated, if Google is telling us how they see it, then it’s time to sit up and smell the coffee.  Google will clearly be paying closer attention to Tags and Boost over the next little while.  Sussman is very careful to reassure the world that paid listings like tags and boost will have no effect on organic listings.  I suppose a good kicking in the courts can even alter the big G’s behaviour 😉

I’ll let Jeremy continue:

If you want your business to thrive – as opposed to limping through and just surviving; take note of what Sussman says. Hotpot, Tags and Boost may not be BIG yet, in fact they don’t really feature in David Mihm’s analysis at all; but with Google plugging them, you can guarantee they’ll be in the goog old Google algorithm shortly!