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Internet marketing strategies are no longer the preserve of uber geeks and multinationals. In Cumbria, local search, using Google and the other search engines is rapidly overtaking traditional Yellow Pages and the other directories. This is simply mirroring an accelerating global trend. To succeed and get more customers from the Internet, business owners need to learn and understand the importance of optimised websites which target t,he local customers.

This is a huge ask of business owners who are already wrestling with the implications of recovery from the recent monetary crisis and the seeming shortage of cash in the economy. As an Internet marketing consultant for off-line businesses I am already familiar with the theory; as well as the service providers, that can propel your businesses website into pole position in local Cumbrian search results. Do you really want to burden yourself with what seems like the dark art of keyword research; on page optimisation; off page optimisation, link building, social posting and e-mail marketing? Individually, each of these is straightforward enough for anyone to master quickly; on the other hand to manage a coordinated campaign with each of these practices playing their part, requires a considerable depth of knowledge.

Burying your head in the sand and simply avoiding the issue is no longer an option for Cumbrian businesses. It is not just big city enterprises which benefit from the intelligent use of Internet marketing strategies such as those detailed in the previous paragraph. Local Internet marketing strategies are nothing new. Google and the other search engines have been constantly refining their algorithms to provide what they say is the most relevant results to their users as they search for satisfaction on the Internet: localised search results are an increasingly important part of that quest. The behaviour of your prospects has undergone a seismic shift in the recent past, particularly with the mushrooming use of smart mobile devices. To shy away from this new customer behaviour is a recipe for slow death of any business. Many business owners I have spoken to still trot out the well hackneyed phrase that they get “… All my business from personal referrals!” By the next pint, they are also bemoaning their lack of work.

Internet marketing hasn’t changed the old adage “no customers equals no business”. Your existing customers are precious and need looking after. However, they already know your company name and have probably got a note of your phone number. Your ideal prospect probably hasn’t ever heard of you. Without a well optimised website which ranks well for the keywords that people actually use to search for your service or product, you will never be discovered accidentally by that ideal person. Without a properly optimised Google places listing, your business will rarely show up in the map results in the top right-hand corner of that all-important first page of search results unless you invest heavily in pay per click services such as Adwords. Without carefully chosen, keyword rich, social profile pages and keyword rich anchor text for your Backlinks, your business will not be able to tap into the modern day equivalent of traditional word-of-mouth advertising.

The crux of the matter is getting targeted traffic (people who are searching) to your website, your Google Places listing or your social profiles where they see your phone number; to then make the all important first call. Consulting Cumbria can help you to make this happen. In essence there are three things that we provide: education, training in-house and done for you services which actually remove the stress of yet another set of processes to manage. Education in the often confusing realm of website optimisation is the job of this website. For businesses that prefer to have their own finger on the pulse, but do not yet have the skills to manage their website optimisation and social campaigns consulting Cumbria Ltd can deliver training in all the most cost and time effective systems for raising your online visibility. If you are visible and prepared to shoot for that number one position in Google search results, then you will be getting the new customer. For businesses without the resources of staff or time, we can provide services which carry out all of the necessary processes is a very cost-effective rate.

Customers in Cumbria are searching for your services and products. Are you going to be the business they find, or yet another casualty of Internet invisibility? Make yourself visible, get more customers and become the obvious “go to” business in your market in Cumbria, or any of the other Northern localities we serve. Contact Ray Cassidy at Consulting Cumbria Ltd to assess your Internet marketing needs and formulate an action plan that is within your promotional budget.