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Local Brand Authority For Cumbria Businesses

Hyper local content marketing focussed on you

Local focussed content about you that raises your profile and gets you seen across a wider area.

You have gained visibility across Carlisle or Kendal, with people coming to your door from the local area. You want to spread the word about the great service you provide and how you can help people in places a little further from your premises.

You’d really like to be noticed by accountants on the other side of town, in Cockermouth, or along the Energy Coast!


61% of marketers assert growing SEO/organic presence online is a must-have priority. (Source: Reboot Online)

Local brand authority booster through digital media

Be The Business That Shows Up Here!


#ItsGreatToBeOnTop of Searches and Summits

The Local Brand Authority service works like a hyper local advertising service. For many brands, it could be just what you want to help you grow your presence in organic search. We develop content about your business that builds your visibility out from your base. You can strengthen your visibility in your home location. Then build on that base and grow your visibility outwards, targeting the major commercial areas on the edge of town. Then you can grow your footprint outwards into other parts of the city, county, region and beyond.

We find lower competition angles and hooks that most competitors ignore and and help you slip round behind them. For the really tough and competitive local markets we have a premium distribution channel that can bring you mentions on some very powerful websites.

Results for commercial diesel injector testing Ayr 90 miles from the client's base.

Amplify Your Brand With Local Brand Authority Campaigns

Location based search is more important than ever in the wake of the pandemic and volatile economic turbulence. As a primarily local business your digital marketing may have focussed on your physical location and local area. But now you want to grow and bring in target customers from further afield. You might also have been top of the searches before, but you’ve slipped back because a competitor is working on their local search marketing strategy with more focus than you.

In both circumstances a local brand authority campaign of hyperlocal content marketing will raise your search engine visibility for highly targeted keywords. Like this diesel specialist who was invisible to a large truck firm just 300 metres away – until a mechanic discovered them by accident one lunchtime when he took a stroll for some fresh air!

That situation was rescued with a Local SEO Foundation treatment and then to help the company expand their visibility to compete with rivals from the Preston and Leeds areas a Local Brand Authority campaign was run. After the success of that campaign in the North West, we have recently launched a second campaign targeting towns in Scotland, working northwards from Carlisle. 

“Be seen in more than your own local!”

Put Your Business in Front of Buyers Further Away From Your Local Patch

Creating content about your business for a Hyper Local Campaign can be about much more than simply attracting extra local foot traffic. While social media can be great for building an audience, that audience can be very fickle about buying or engaging with your offer. Being found in search results when people are looking for solutions, is still the most effective long term marketing strategy. This strategy of local brand SEO is great at helping you dominate your local area, then spreading your influence outwards. Working alongside our local visibility boost service, gives you a very powerful tool for local prominence.

Hyper Local campaigns publish content about you on high authority news channels, some blogs, podcast channels, slide sharing sites, infographic sites and even short videos on YouTube and Vimeo. These sites can rank very strongly in local searches, often taking multiple placements.

We have even managed to get a paralegal service from Cumbria to show up for some quite competitive searches in the wealthier London boroughs.

Contact ClimbHigh SEO to find out how we can help you win the local ranking competition in your area and beyond! Call today on 01228 318068 or use the form below.

Ready to boost Your Online Presence?

And if you’re not quite ready to commit to a chat (and we are friendly!) or take the plunge, then take the test and see what your local score is like: right now! It’s our intelligent tool for taking a snapshot of your local SEO effectiveness.

All it costs is:

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