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Local Citations are frequently misunderstood and constantly undervalued by most business owners.  It doesn’t seem completely credible, that building up a whole raft of nearly duplicated listings, of your business data; on a range of well known, through to totally obscure directories, could really do anything extra for getting your business found by the customers you need. The thing is … especially on google + it is true!

Well for the last 2 years I’ve been trying to wake Carlisle businesses up to the need to do a bit more than the basics if they want to rank and get in front of those local customer eyeballs.

Well I’m not a lone voice in the wilderness.  There are a whole group of professionals who have an intimate knowledge of exactly how important these local citations can be.   The video below is a recording of a webinar hosted by Myles Anderson and his company BrightLocal.  Myles as you’ll hear isn’t just another Yankee whizzkid, he’s a Brit!  So what he is illuminating here is directly relevant to your business, whether you are selling insurance in estate agent offices or trying to get all (?) the Porsche sales in your city!

InsideLocal Webinar – Enhanced Citations for Local Search Greatness from BrightLocal on Vimeo.

Local Citations – Takeaways for Business Owners

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One of the key things to take away from this, is the need to develop quality local citations – and yes that takes time and dedication or it takes an investment in someone like us SEO types who have the skills and systems in place to produce these listings efficiently.

Do get to grips with this video in chunks, it’s in about 4 sections and it is a lot of information… but it’s valuable to your business.

You can check out Bright Local at:
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