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Digital Marketing For Local Businesses In Cumbria

Attracting new customers to a retail business or clients for your services is the lifeblood of your business. Digital marketing for local business owners in Carlisle or the rest of Cumbria is a critical part of your overall marketing strategy.
It is staggering how many business owners have still not grasped the nettle of competing with their rivals online. With mobiles in hand – searching for solutions to the need of the moment has never been easier for your customers. It is vital to be sure you are the business that is found!

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The Local Digital Marketing Agency for Climbing Higher!

ClimbHigh SEO is a local digital marketing agency mainly serving businesses in Carlisle and Cumbria. We also work with companies from The Midlands and the North East. We are keen to work with more businesses in the Borders region of Scotland.
We work with a variety of different businesses; from retailers who need customers to walk through the door to haulage and storage companies.. Most of our clients are service providers on the lookout for professional clients in the region. We can help wherever local customers are required.

Local Digital Marketing Services For Carlisle and Cumbria

ClimbHigh SEO helps local business owners to  develop a search led, basic digital marketing strategy that gets them seen by local buyers.

Local Keyword Discovery

There are patterns in the way people search online. The phrases they use to track down the service or products that you offer are logged by search engines. They fill enormous databases with useful information.
We have software tools and licenses that allow us to dig in and discover how your ideal clients search! We can determine what their search behaviour requires you to focus on.
Large and small business owners often tell us what their customers “should” be searching for. We turn that viewpoint round to help businesses tune in to what the customers actually “are” searching for. SEO is about tuning your website to the needs and wants of your target audience. Potential customers need to understand that your product or service is the answer to their immediate want.

Local Visibility Audits
Knowing the keywords, phrases and quirky short cuts your ideal clients use to find the answer they need is a first step. We then audit your website against those keywords. This is a thorough audit across the spectrum of search phrases and the whole range of major search engines.
This will give a fairly accurate view of how visible your brand and products are to local buyers. Additionally, the audit gives you a clear perspective of how your brand stacks up against your main competitor. It identifies where you have strengths and where your presence is weak.
Website Planning With A Locality Focus

The audit data and keyword research are used when we commission our web designers to create a new website for your business. we use that data to plan a structure that will have the best chance of outdoing your competitors.
If your marketplace is competitive such as in the Lake District’s accommodation market, then further promotion will be necessary. It is an easier proposition in less competitive local services such as some specialist engineering offer.
Sometimes, it’s possible that good quality, well optimised content; along with a fully optimised Google My Business listing will be sufficient. That simple combination can be enough to put you in prominent position for potential clients to see. That is only true in low competition situations.

Copywriting For Customer Conversion

This marketer has been converted to the benefits of professional copywriting for clients. It requires a separate set of professional writing skills, that are worth their weight in gold.
We strongly recommend using the services of a copywriter to produce your website content. We provide SEO focussed guidance on what to write and what level of copy is needed to outperform your competition. This can be provided to your writer or yourself.
You may use this guidance to write the copy and that is fine with us.
However, we consistently see professionally written copy outperforming client written copy. This is a real skill. A good copywriter can blend the SEO requirements for being found with the imperative to convert visitors to paying customers. Copywriting by a professional who is well versed in the need for conversion and lead generation enhances your online presence significantly.
Getting potential customers or “brand ambassadors” to pay attention to your blog posts is also a valuable use of a copywriter’s skills.

The Big 3 Business Listings and the Big 3 Data Feeders

For businesses that focus on one or more localities, especially for brick and mortar enterprises, getting the Big 3 business listings optimised is crucial. Google My Business, Bing Local and Yahoo Local listings are the first step to being included in local results on all 3 search engines.
Additionally, there are 3 major data aggregators (a misnomer really as they do the opposite of aggregating!). Factual, Foursquare and Central Index actually distribute “trusted” data to a multitude of listing services that are relevant to the UK.
Putting consistent information out to these 6 services can do wonders for your local prominence. This is especially effective when you are local business on the edge of town. Competing with established competitors, who are closer to the hub of the area’s activity for your niche is always going to be harder.

Local Business Listings and Citations

In addition to listing you in the Big 3s above there are a multitude of other independent or specialised listing services. It is usually worth being listed with these, in order to stamp out your online footprint. Some specialised directories are a source of well targeted visitor traffic to your website or social profiles.
At present we are aware of over 200 UK relevant citation/listing services that are useful to businesses in Cumbria and the Borders. Most of these services provide a backlink to your own website which aids your backlink profile and can send visitors to your site. However, it is important to understand that these backlinks are not powerful digital authority boosting links. These backlinks simply confirm you as a genuine business in a particular place. For a genuine service area business looking after clients in that locality they are equally effective.

Real Backlink Attraction

Sometimes your business hasn’t been around for long enough to impress the search engine algorithms or attract backlinks from local blogs or the press. We can help you start building relationships with other real website owners and bloggers to encourage them to create a backlink to your website.
There are a range of strategies we can help you develop to create valuable content on your website. With effective outreach, they will help you attract backlinks from other more powerful websites to help you rise up. This is content marketing at its simplest.

Social Media Marketing

Getting your brand out on the most appropriate social media platforms is definitely an important part of online marketing. ClimbHigh SEO doesn’t specifically offer this service as we will refer you to a couple of specialists in this field.

The Local Digital Marketing Agency That Puts You On Top

There is very little black magic involved in our approach to marketing your business. Often the acronym “SEO” reminds people of all those spammy emails and cold calls that promise the Earth for peanuts!
We don’t work like that! SEO has become an out of favour phrase with many in the digital marketing community. We use it deliberately and proudly, as it is the foundation of so much that most businesses need to improve in their digital marketing strategy. Our local digital marketing ideas are straightforward and focussed on what is effective.
Some marketing efforts work slowly: some work fairly quickly. You are at liberty to take a cautious approach. Focussing on website content and the basic Big 3 Citations, can move you up into a more prominent place in searches that matter. It will work slowly for most people’s businesses.
Some strategies are beyond the scope of our endeavours. Something that works quickly, is moving your business physically closer to the hub of the city or town where your customers are found! Proximity is still probably the most powerful ranking factor that can put you in front of the person that needs your service!