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Get a Local SEO Audit For Cumbria & Borders Businesses

What’s Your Local Score?

To get a quick snapshot of your brand’s local visibility, type in your business name to see how well optimised your brand is; for local buyers searching for what you offer.
This is a free service to help you understand how to climb high online and get the search engines working for you!


Benefits of a Local Search Marketing Audit For Your Business!

  • Search is a vital part of any business’ marketing strategy, now that everyone has Google in their hands all day long!
  • Gives YOU an understanding how visible you are, to the new customers, who don’t know anything about you yet!
  • Audits your online visibility and reputation, as well as an overall digital marketing grade.
  • Local search visibility is mobile orientated now! Mobile friendly sites do better
  • Organic and local pack results are increasingly important as Google and Bing continue to manipulate the search engine results pages for their own benefit.
  • You want YOUR brand to be seen by prospective new customers and clients – they are the lifeblood of any expanding business.
  • The service is free – so what have you got to lose?

What Makes A Difference to Local Search Visibility?

Local visibility in Google search results is hugely influenced by how close a searcher is. This has become more important since increasing numbers of people switched to using their smartphones and tablets on the go to help them get more stuff done in their increasingly busy lives.
Most businesses don’t have the luxury of improving their local presence by simply packing up and moving closer to the centre of town. It’s where there are usually more people… but the rents and property prices are also higher! Local SEO services that we offer can help you overcome some of the hurdles your business faces!

The Difference Makers

Your Website

Keyword research, in depth audit results and good copywriting are the foundations. Supported by excellent branding and website usability, this can go some way to improving your local SEO strategy. Improved SEO work, will increase your visibility and improve your lead generation.
The quality and depth of your content on the website and well optimised images for the area you are targeting also add to your presence.

Local Listings

The free audit will help you to identify strengths and weaknesses in your online presence. You will quickly understand if your presence in a range of citation websites like Google My Business, Yell, Foursquare and Scoot is strong enough. Having well optimised business listings will make a huge difference to whether you show up on the first page of results at all. We can help you create an impressive online footprint that captures all the potential leads that could come your way.

Local Link Building

Sometimes the basics will not be powerful enough to lift you to the top of the mountain. Our paid, in-depth search audits can identify if successful competitors are beating you out because they have help from stronger websites! We can identify where you need to encourage backlinks from to boost your domain authority and get you seen by the clients.

SImple Digital PR and Brand Presence

SEO experts have discovered that there’s nothing like having a presence or a mention on a news or other media website! When that mention also carries a backlink to your website – that can feed authority your way. We can get you placements in many surprising high authority news feeds and other media thanks to our unique partnerships.

Take The First Step With A Local Search Marketing Audit

In recent times, Google has been tweaking the results pages like a mad thing. Local packs, paid ads, rich snippets and quick answers are all pushing normal search results down the page and so, in every marketing scenario a local seo audit is the first step in identifying where your easiest marketing wins will be!