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Local SEO For Carlisle, Cumbria & Borders Businesses

Getting found in local search results has become a critical part of most companies’ marketing plan! It doesn’t matter whether you are a lone shop serving your local area or a chain of retail locations dotted around the country! The basic seo work of ensuring that your NAP data (Name, Address, Phone number) are accurate and consistent with your website, needs to be done! Local SEO is the set of digital marketing techniques that are essential for businesses who need to be found in Google local results by local customers. These are people who live near your business or visitors from other areas who are looking for a service, offer or attraction in your town or area.

Local SEO Services That Attract Locals And Visitors

If you are an outdoor equipment retailer in Carlisle or Keswick, for instance: you need local and visiting customers, to call in to your shop! Will you be found when people need to top up on their outdoor adventure essentials? A good Local SEO strategy is an important part of the marketing mix to draw people to your premises instead of the competing shops. If your business needs to attract people from Manchester or London, to book a climbing course with you for their summer holidays in the North lakes… then again, Local SEO is for you too! There are a whole galaxy of retail and service businesses that need to improve their local visibility in order to make their marketing efforts work more effectively.

Elements Of Local Search Marketing We Can help You With

You know how to run a local business, that’s your strength! We use our strength in local SEO campaigns to take some pressure off you and help you regain some valuable time:

  • Keyword research: understand how customers search in your area.
  • Website and Content Planning: Structure your website content so that it is in tune with customers who want an answer or a solution now!
  • Google My Business Listing: let us optimise your Google business listing for map and mobile. We also get you into Yahoo and Bing’s local listings!
  • Citation Building: The simplest but most tedious of local digital marketing is keeping business listings up to date and accurate. We do the hard work for you.
  • Backlink Development: If your area is competitive… then the basics simply won’t push you to the front of the queue. We will find opportunities for other quality websites to point a backlink your way.

Ready to boost Your Online Presence?

And if you’re not quite ready to commit to a chat (and we are friendly!) or take the plunge, then take the test and see what your local score is like right now! It’s our intelligent tool for taking a snapshot of your local SEO effectiveness. All it costs is: your business name, your postcode and a working email address so we can get the results to you privately!