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​Get Seen Faster: Local Online Visibility Booster


Could your business use an advertising hoarding on every digital corner in town?


Local online visibility in Carlisle is ever more important; even in a small city like ours. Footfall is still lower than in pre-pandemic days; with more people searching for what they need online, before they head out to buy.
Have you wondered why your website is quieter than it used to be? It’s probably because other businesses in your patch have made the effort to improve their marketing strategy, website and Local SEO to improve their turnover… and have left you behind.

Are You The Business That Shows Up Here?



It is great to be on top… especially when 46% of all Google searches have some kind of Local intent and 76% of people who search on their smartphones for something nearby visit the location within a day. Just over a quarter (28%) of those visits result in a purchase! (Source: (Hubspot Blog)

Local online visibility has become much more important for all local SMEs’ and micro business’ marketing strategy! The Local Online Visibility Booster is an affordable local SEO tactic, from ClimbHigh SEO, that helps your business achieve prominence even when search volumes are low.

Does your accountancy practice show up in search results page in Carlisle

When The Business Directories Aren’t Enough


You’ve done as advised… your Google Business Profile is up to date, you’ve even set up a Bing Places listing. You’ve signed up to all the online directories you can think of. Your title tags are top notch, the H1s are hitting the spot as far as you can tell.

You’ve rewritten your copy three times in the last couple of years as you’ve learned more about keywords and people’s changing search habits. You’ve taken care of the on page and off page aspects of optimisation as far as you can tell, but still you seem doomed to slide down towards obscurity.

When you are out and about in Carlisle, or the place you do business, your website never seems to be the one that pops up in the mobile search results when you do a sneaky check! The harsh reality is that now a large number of businesses around you have woken up to the importance of local search results, your previous SEO efforts were just the start of the battle. They are important ranking factors but are only the first important steps in an effective local SEO strategy.

Your Own Local Business Seen Everywhere in Your Area

With a Local Visibility Boost you can have your business showing up for the most important search terms in every part of your town. Do you want to be found when people are ready to buy carpets in Stanwix? Do you need to be seen when one of the businesses on Kingmoor Park needs a new photocopier contract?

It is more important than ever that your business offer shows up in front of people and businesses who are ready to buy. In local search engine results, Google Maps are now the most important business listings to use well. When people search from their mobile phones, you want your business’ information -Name Address, phone Number and website to be top of the results.

We’ll target 2, 3, 5 or 6 of your most important keywords and from 25 up to 40 locations around your business. We’ll create specific landing pages for each service in each place that are put together in such a way that Google loves them.


Call us on 01228 318068 to find out more about how the Local Visibility Boost can get you in front of the right local buyers or send us an email enquiry using the form below and we’ll get back to you.

Ready to boost Your Online Presence?

And if you’re not quite ready to commit to a chat (and we are friendly!) or take the plunge, then take the test and see what your local score is like right now! It’s our intelligent tool for taking a snapshot of your local SEO effectiveness. All it costs is: your business name, your postcode and a working email address so we can get the results to you privately!