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By this time next year most of your customers and your best prospects will carry out more than 50% of all their search activity on a mobile device.  That’s everything from catching up on news, finding out who’s got the cheapest flowers for the forgotten birthday, or ordering a pizza beacause they are hungry NOW!  This evolution is making mobile marketing and visibility of websites on mobile screens, absolutely vital.  And it’s happening across Cumbria too.

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This isn’t just another short term trend either.   The mobiles are everywhere; whether iPhone, Android, Blackberry, tablet or iPad they are already bringing on the early extinction of the PC and laptop. People with jobs are busier than ever and the incredible versatility and convenience of your mobile phone… sorry, Universal Communicator and Pizza ordering device, means that there is a real attraction for  quick results and ease of use… without having to wait till you get home to the old desk top clunker on the corner desk!

Mobile Marketing takes many forms.  Whether it is the simple act of having a convenient and easily navigated, mobile friendly website that can be read and browsed on the tiny screen of a mobile device; through the minefield of text message marketing or having a coupon available for customers to use in your local shop; the mobile device is altering the world of shopping and marketing on a daily basis.