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Online Reputation Management Services For Carlisle & Cumbria Businesses

Online reputation management services for Carlisle businesses can feel like a double edged sword. You love to get reviews, but you feel vulnerable to an attack of the dodgy reviewers!

Whole software systems and online platforms have grown up around this digital marketing practice. Much like traditional PR, managing your reputation online is a process of ensuring that people see the positive word about your business. It also means you have to accept being open and responsive to the inevitable negative commentary that will come your way. Managing this area of business life is a necessary skill… or a service you can partly outsource.

Reputation Management online works hand in hand with your other SEO strategies.

SEO Services & Online Reputation Management Work Together

Jamie Pitman explains it well in his article on Bright Local: “Online reputation management differs in that you’re not courting the press or burying headlines, you’re deploying strategies to generate, improve, and respond to online reviews customers leave about your small business. Your focus will be on popular review sites like Google My Business, Yelp, Angie’s List (in the USA), and others.”

At ClimbHigh SEO we recognise the importance of helping business owners to encourage their happy customers and clients to give positive feedback without straying over the line into incentivising them. As the 2020 Local ranking Factors Survey pointed out, reviews are an incredibly important piece of the local Google search puzzle. The presence of star ratings… and a few of them, helps to build trust amongst your potential customers.

Despite some business owners’ natural fear of negative reviews and their impact, negative content when responded to correctly is still a sign of engagement and enhances the customer experience significantly. It is frankly, not credible for any active business to go through its life cycle without a modicum of less than perfect or negative reviews.

So, the systemising of your review strategy is just as natural a part of your local SEO strategy as seeking backlinks from local websites or through building up your local citation footprint.

The Reputation Manager System

ClimbHigh SEO have a simple reputation management system for you that will contact previous customers and encourage them to deliver feedback. Then we can direct them to your preferred places to leave reviews on sites like Google My Business (a powerful ranking signal), Yelp, Yell, or a number of other platforms. Our Reputation Manager platform is for businesses who want to take control of their online reputation.

How Reputation Manager Works

The reputation management service works by prompting customers to respond to a feedback survey and then leave a review on some of the most important review websites. These mentions of your brand help to lift your online reputation performance to a higher level.

First the system prompts clients to fill in a simple NPS survey. This is a version of the 10 point customer satisfaction scoring system that asks them to give their experience a score from 1-10. If you gave your customer a good experience, they will then be prompted to leave a review on Google or a website of your choice.

If a customer has a gripe or their score falls below your positive threshold, because they aren’t completely happy with the service you provided, then the platform sends an apology message. This could offer discount or an alternative way of winning back your relationship with the customer. We still need to leave even the “less than over the moon” customer the option to leave a review. This is important to stay within Google’s guidelines. The system has steps in place to try and absorb the customer’s frustrations before they put an unsatisfactory review online.