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Approximately 4 years ago we (ClimbHigh and Light Bulb Web Design) were approached to take a fresh look at a company’s website. They had become aware of a lack of online visibility in their own backyard. Chris Wilcox, at Light Bulb Web Design had already built the firm a very basic website to get their business online. The business owner specialises in diesel injectors – testing them and repairing them.

The complexities of diesel injectors require a very specialist testing set-up which is provided by our client.

This is a highly specialised enterprise, as modern diesel injectors in transport and haulage vehicles word at enormous pressures. The internal components need to undergo millions of pressurise and release cycles. They use varied technologies to accurately deliver fuel into diesel engines with absolute precision.

Rising fuel costs and strict environmental laws make it important for hauliers to maintain optimal injector performance. The equipment to carry out this kind of work has developed beyond recognition in the last decade. To compete successfully, businesses in this niche need advanced test bench equipment.

Local Visibility Programme Cures Local Anonymity

The feeling of invisibility followed an unusual lunch break encounter, which took our diesel specialist by surprise. The visitor was a mechanic at a very large, well known truck workshop just 300m away (metres… not miles!). His comment as he walked through the door was along the lines of. “When did you guys move in to the estate… we’ve been looking for a local diesel injector testing service for ages!” ( paraphrase – it must be pointed out.

At this point our client realised he still had zero local brand visibility. He decided he needed to do something about it… as his business was invisible to their nearest relevant neighbours. The first update project involved some simple keyword research and a rewrite / expansion of the copy on their existing webpages. This altered them from generic descriptions of services to basic landing pages for some specific search terms.

Some new local listings were also created to improve their local footprint. We also released a 2-part content distribution, promoting the company as an excellent option for testing diesel injectors in the nearby area. Local visibility around Carlisle improved quickly. Our client soon noticed another helpful side effect. They had recently had some work come in from over the border – from the Isle of Arran no less. This was unheard of for our diesel specialists. Their prominence in search results was growing beyond Carlisle.

Trace of client's online visibility from 2012

National Ambitions For Online Presence

A couple of years later with increasing sales, a new high tech testing bench was installed. The clients became one of only 12 Delphi approved testing centres for the most advanced diesel injectors in use amongst the UK’s transport fleets. It was time to redesign and improve the website, revisit the content and to look at some slightly more aggressive marketing. Our client had become acutely aware of several other diesel specialists on a Preston-Manchester-Leeds axis. These competitors were beginning to encroach into his local space again. One in particular was following a very aggressive expansion policy. A new round of deeper keyword research was undertaken to be really clear about the intent and buyer potential of the search environment. With the niche being so specialist, the national numbers were surprisingly small. The local search stats were even lower, so whatever strategy was adopted, there was never going to be a biblical flood of visitors. Copy was rewritten and expanded more. Outdated sections were dropped so that the website was tuned in to the ideal customers. The target market was clearer.

  • mechanics in garages and fleet workshops
  • individual diesel transport operators
  • owners of haulage and transport fleets
  • individual farmers
  • agricultural engineers

Importantly, our client realised that he was in a perfect position to compete for business from Scotland as well as his home region. He has testing equipment that is far more advanced than any other specialist in Scotland.

Winning Scotland With Improved Visibility Online

Once we refreshed the website, we set up Google Analytics and Search Console to track what developed. We also engaged a PR specialist from the Northeast, on our client’s behalf. This specialist had contacts in the transport industry media. Our PR expert created an article that highlighted the large investment that had just been put to work. That content was taken up by two journals who publish to the transport industry. This generated some authoritative backlinks from within his target sector. The piece was also picked up on the Northeast’s regional news site: Bdaily. After publishing the familiar type of digital PR piece, we proceeded with a second digital marketing programme. This used our Local Brand Authority Service. This publishes content about the client’s brand to multiple media channels. These include:

  • Multiple general news channels
  • a small number of blogs
  • podcast channels
  • slide sharing sites
  • Videos released to a Vimeo and YouTube news channel.

We began by targeting nearby locations, where ideal clients could be found. Each month we found a new angle to advertise our client. These angles were built around the few popular searches in the niche. Over time, we focused on creating content for clients in the transportation industry in the main towns of southern Scotland. We recently published information about our client’s suitability for diesel businesses in Glasgow and as far north as Perth. There was no avalanche of visitors. However, there was a steady influx of fresh enquiries from further and further afield in Scotland.

Increased Online Visibility With The Local Brand Authority Service

This marketing approach for such a niche business doesn’t generate huge numbers of visitors. Our Local Brand Authority service does improve online visibility for your business effectively. Improved overall presence helps you to capture clicks from people who need and want something specific.

These media channels have enough authority for the client’s brand to appear multiple times on the first page of related searches. It is a very cost effective way of tapping into the long tail keyword strategy. We call it a local service because it works in the target location and the client’s own area.

In fact we published a piece targeting Preston in the initial phase of the relationship with this business. For over 6 months, the piece about our client was to be found in the middle of the first page of search engine results. This was for diesel injector testing… in the midst of his competitors.

Now – more than 3 years later, our client, Extract Engineering Ltd’s website can be found, on the lower reaches of the first page, for “diesel injector testing near me” searches emanating from industrial areas on the outskirts of Preston.

The Long Term Benefits of This Brand of Digital PR

As time goes on, the content articles tend to stick in prominent positions for many months. Because they contain backlinks to the main client website the longevity of that content lifts the main website higher and higher. As outlined above, it will often replace the news, blog or video piece that was the brand’s mid term placeholder. This is the real benefit of the approach. The articles, or other media, often rank high within hours of publication, and then slowly but surely drag the website up to join them.

National Visibility change following the 2nd update keeps our client well ahead of all northern competitors.
If you would like to benefit from improved business visibility online, speak to Ray Cassidy the online visibility specialist. After all #ItsGreatToBeOnTop!