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SEO is the acronym for the process of search engine optimisation.  Whatever you do don’t let your eyes glaze over as soon as you hear that geeky sounding word!

Why should you care about something from the land of Geek?  Because… time after time, when implemented carefully, it is one of the most cost effective ways of getting in front of customers.  Printed advertising, traditional directories and Yellow Pages are dying- rapidly!  People are doing their research and price checking online before they have stepped through your door.  Are you the business that pops up or is it the competition who are sitting pretty at the top of a mountain of invisible websites?

SEO a cost effective form of marketing for cumbriaWhat SEO boils down to in simple terms, is getting the information about your business up on the web so that it is different to everybody else’s and it is carefully focussed on what those customer’s are searching for.  Do you know what those people are typing in to find what they need?  Unless you are already the best known business in your area, it won’t be your name!  Do you have any idea what the  promising keywords are, that your customers think will bring the answer to their need?  Does your website answer those “Keyword Questions”?

Visibility online is a competitive business and an understanding of how competitive the keywords are that you are chasing is an important second step after identifying them.  There are a lot of other tweaks that can be done and that is the cue for getting an SEO specialist involved.  Those skills can save you many hours of “umming and aahing”!  That in itself is worth investing in, to save your precious time for running the business.

It’s never about cheating or doing anything dodgy, the bad old days of the “Black Hatters” are long gone.  Now it is about understanding your customers and dishing up what they see as an answer to their pain, problem or pleasure!  Secondly it is about structuring that information so that it is engaging to the customer and only third in the pecking order is it about playing to the search engines.  However that is still a very important third!  Search engine optimisation is repeatedly shown by marketing study after marketing study to have the best return on investment.  It isn’t a one off, set and forget thing though.  There are many processes that need to come together to put you at the top of the listings where you will get most click action.  If competition for visibility is fierce, those interacting processes have to be finely tuned by a skilled professional.

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