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In our quest for success when a new website is launched – or an existing one is revitalised, it is a fundamental necessity to understand the importance of the basic principles of Search Engine Optimisation: SEO as it is frequently referred to. If the content on your web page is not aligned closely to the searches (i.e. the questions) that the Internet user is actually typing in; then your page will have no relevance in the eyes of the search engine’s mysterious algorithms and will never be ranked high enough to show on that all important first page of results. If you have any doubt about that, buy me a beer and I’ll tell you the tales of my first forays into website heaven!

Today my guest, Mick Moore, outlines some of the fundamental concepts that should underpin your initial design thoughts for any website project you have in mind.

There are many men and women who have just enough knowledge of the way the Internet and search engines work to understand that search engine optimization is very important, but not enough knowledge to know that it will not just solve all your problems. Search Engine Optimisation is not something you can apply and then sit back and wait for people to visit your website. Yes, it is important and it is an extremely clever concept, but the incorrect application of SEO will no more increase your website traffic than passing out free balloons will make an ice cream shop’s income go through the roof. Yes, it can help; no, it is not the whole deal.

The Basics of Seo

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It is no good setting up a web site and paying lip service to the basic principles of Search Engine Optimization – tossing together some back links in other places, using key phrases and submitting a sitemap – and then, when the doors are not battered down by obsessed readers, complaining “but it had SEO! Clearly Search Engine Optimisation isn’t as good as I was told it was!”. Effectively placed, Search Engine Optimisation will certainly boost your Google ranking. Whether it will get you to the first page of results, only time will tell – but it is useful.

Major Mistakes With Search Engine Optimization

The major blunder people produce is in treating SEO as the silver bullet that will make all the difference – if that were the case, then Google ranking would be entirely meaningless because everyone would have Search Engine Optimization on their websites. It needs to be remembered that good Search Engine Optimisation and great written content is the most effective blend for Google rankings.

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