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Local seo wasn’t always as technical as it is these days.  Before the Internet metamorphosed local marketing, business directories and their local search power were once epitomised by Yellow Pages.  The current trend graphs of people’s usage of the paper directories show Yellow Pages vanishing in 4 years.  The major competition for Yellow Pages’ paper incarnation come from the multitude of online business directories.   In generating ranking and page views for your website and in pulling customers through your doors instead of the competitor’s; you should not under estimate the power of Online business directories.  Guest blogger Tina Sanmaithe, gives a detailed explanation based on her work in Toronto.

Today’s public is well aware of where to look, in a business directory, for a company that can serve their needs quickly and with quality service. Having one’s business prominently displayed in such a publication gives the assurance that this advertisement is in thousands of places where there is public access. This gives one a much better chance of being contacted than sending out flyers or other types of advertisement.

If a business does not advertise they soon find themselves closing their doors due to lack of customers. These people are needed if there is to be a successful endeavor, regardless as to how good a product or service is offered. This flow of customers can be greatly increased by the use of this kind of advertising.

Having one’s name listed under the proper heading in a directory eliminates the need of a person having to try to find business cards or other notes that they might have on hand. The headings are precise and in alphabetical order which makes it very simple to find the business one is looking for. The print is always large enough to make finding the needed service very simple.

The companies in the directory are listed in alphabetical order, by type of service offered. Thus, one would find Automobile listed before something such as Sewing Machines. This makes it very simple for anyone to locate exactly what he or she are looking for. These headings are in large black print, which makes them stand out and catch the reader’s attention.

The heading one is listed under, for their business, needs to be in the correct section. If one does automobile repairs, they would not want to have their name appear under those that sell cars. The person who takes one’s order will assist in making sure it is listed correctly.

With the competition in today’s market place, a company must seek ways to get their name and product or service before the public. Having an advertisement in a business directory will assure one of this happening. Every day, thousands of people consult the directory because of something they need, this gives the assurance that one’s name will be in a prominent position.

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