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Today’s guest, Dan J. An, gives a Singaporean view of local search engine optimisation: confirming that this isn’t just a USA based phenomenon. Wherever there are businesses that need customers, their website’s visibility in relevant search results is the single biggest determinant of how many new customers come their way via the web. Optimisation for Google local search, using local SEO techniques, is no longer optional, if you want your business to thrive.

Many commercial websites engage in SEO strategies to further expand their website’s visibility. These techniques can help them to rank high in search results and thus provide better chances to attract customers and generate higher sales of their products. However, before achieving a global popularity, it is better to first concentrate on how you can optimize your site’s visibility in the local section. This means that you must give importance on how your site will be known to potential customers who are located near your business actual address. This can be achieved by utilizing local SEO strategies.

Local SEO strategies can surely help you to efficiently compete with your local business rivals. Internet users who are searching for websites which are offering the products that they would like to purchase would definitely search for it locally. For sure, they would prefer to buy those products in websites which physical address is near their place. To be able to get indexed by popular search engines, it is a wise idea to incorporate your business’ physical address to your website, web page titles, headings or contents. In this way, your website will have greater chances to appear in the local search results.

Another brilliant local SEO technique is to register your site in the Google map. This is free of charge and can definitely help your site to be more visible in local search and thus give your potential customers the exact location of your shop and making it easier for them to get to know your site better.

Many successful companies as well as SEO experts first formulate the best keywords that they are using in their websites so that it will be optimized to appear in local searches. First, you must know the popular keywords that are being used by search engine users when searching for products or services that are in your industry. You can also do a little experiment and think of keywords and phrases that one will use if they want to find your website online. You can also study your current competition and see what keywords and strategies they are using online so that you can have a better idea on how you should tackle your marketing plan to stay ahead.

Another good local SEO strategy that you can do is making your keywords more specific. This will give you a better chance in having your website appear in search results whenever you are being searched by people online. Aside from being specific, you should also include a location so that the users who are nearby you will have an idea that a certain product or service is available in their area.

In using local SEO techniques, you should think of how your customers behave online and how they do their search queries when using search engines. By thinking of their behavior and making yourself act and think in their shoes, you will be able to think of possible keywords that they are currently using and fine tune this information so that you can use this to your advantage in your marketing plans. Local search techniques are important in helping a business become successful online because of its ability to pull in potential customers that are just near you.

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