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text message marketing is one mobile marketing strategy for cumbrian businesses to consider.

Mobile devices are evolving into the most flexible marketing technology known to man. From Text message Marketing to mobile apps, their ability to convert is becoming legendary.Image courtesy of nokhoog buchachon / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Mobile technology is moving at an extremely fast pace and the world has embraced the use of text messaging in all aspects of life; including local marketing. That is as true up here in the Debatable Lands round Carlisle and northern Cumbria as it is “dahn sarf in the Smoke”!

Locally, businesses are slowly adapting to the use of mobile phones as a new and effective way to market to their target audience.  Locally even a tiny taxi company has seen the light and is reaping the benefits.  If you are in a marketplace where you are fighting to attract your share of local customers against direct competitors, then it only makes sense to employ the best ways possible to get a bigger share of that “prospect pie”.  And furthermore; if you know you offer the best service, why are you shrinking into the background?

Text Message Marketing as a Lead Generator for Cumbrian businesses

What about text message marketing?  Text messages might be short, but they pack just enough power to remind your target audience that your business exists… and is keen to have their attention.  Your messages can be broadcast to notify them of promotions, special offers, coupons or any information that would be important or just plain helpful in their lives.

Your Messages Need to Give Value

A crucial thing to keep in mind is that you should only send messages that would be seen as “valuable” by your customers or prospects.  In order to achieve your campaign goals, the audience should find your messages interesting, informative, and fulfilling.  By keeping those values in mind, your contacts are far more likely to remain attracted to your business and stay on your mobile list.

 The simple case is keeping your customers informed on important news, tips, and advice revolving around your industry where it’s relevant to their purchases from you, then they are likely to remain loyal.  With loyal customers comes repeat sales and referrals, which will ultimately boost your profits.  There is much truth in the old marketing wisdom that an existing customer is ten times easier to to sell to than a new prospect.

 SMS for Loyalty

Text message marketing has proven to be a powerful way of keeping a brand name at the forefront of customer’s minds; so when they need your type of service or product, they will more likely think of your business as the trusted authority first … and mobile users tend to act quickly!  If your new cafe on Botchergate has got a series of events coming up… then offer your visitors the chance to be kept informed of what’s coming up.  The useful thing for those who are nervous about dipping their toes in the water is that many platforms offer a free trial that is actually quite generous.  Text Marketer is one that I have been testing for a while and I find them basic, low cost and simple to use.

Avoid Text Message Marketing Complaints – Play Nice!

Keep in mind that you should respect your mobile list by only sending messages every once in a while – not every single day.  The frequency of your messages is somewhat dependent on your type of business, but if you overdo it, you risk losing people from your list because they WILL unsubscribe; but worse, they will complain to their friends.  That’s not the viral reaction you want to bring down on your own head!

Not Convinced that SMS Could Help Your Bottom Line?

sms even turns an older businessman text message marketing recipient Older businessman becomes a connected text message marketing recipientImage courtesy of stockimages / FreeDigitalPhotos.net




Mobile marketing in its many forms is gaining massive attention from businesses all over the world today as mobiles move from “luxury” status to near “necessity” for most people.  Whether it’s keeping your profile alive with text message marketing; designing your website to be visible in local mobile searches; or even developing an app for your business, Your business will miss out without engaging with mobile!  Mobiles are the only local marketing medium that almost never leaves people’s sides.  Ignoring this powerful marketing tool is the equivalent of giving up and handing your competitors all your customers on a plate, making you rapidly less competitive.

 The effectiveness of text message marketing is impressive because research from organisations such as Marketing Sherpa, Hubspot, Mashable and emarketer confirm each other’s conclusions; that most people read the messages within minutes of receiving them.  The open rates compared with email are astounding.  Emails for most marketers are doing well if a big list has an open rate of 3-4%.  Well crafted SMS communications are generating open rates of up to 98%. Mashable’s text message marketing infographic makes this power very clear!In addition, most people who willingly handed their mobile phone number to a business will usually take action on the offers sent to them via text message marketing.  You know it makes sense.  As the chart below – from the Marketing Sherpa team demonstrates; when you get your mobile marketing tuned in with your other marketing efforts, it pays off big time!

text message Marketing-infographic-report-mobile-SMS

Marketing Sherpa’s report on mobile and SMS effectiveness demonstrates huge perceived benefits when used with other strategies.


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